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About us

About us

J+ is a brand of Juice Americas Inc. headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida and part of the Juice Group, the globally active Swiss producer of charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). J+ is actively marketed in North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It has entered the North American market with a version of the JUICE BOOSTER 2, the most popular portable EV charger in Europe, which has been specially developed for this region as the J+ BOOSTER 2.

The company’s comprehensive product portfolio, featuring AC and DC charging stations ranging from lightweight portable devices to large fast chargers, makes it one of the very few full-range vendors in the industry. Juice’s consistent, end-to-end focus on software decisively distinguishes its portfolio from other solutions available on the market.

Juice has entered the North American market with a version of the Juice Booster 2 specially developed for this region.

The Juice Group enjoys worldwide presence with its own locations, subsidiaries and partnering companies. The Juice corporate Group includes Juice Services AG, Juice Telemetrics AG, German firm Juice Europe GmbH headquartered in Munich, Juice Iberia S.L. based in Málaga, Juice France SAS with seat in Paris, Zhejiang Juice Technology Co., Ltd in Hangzhou, China, and Juice Americas Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Group also has a global network of resellers at its disposal. All told, the company today employees a workforce of over 200 people active in research and development, production, marketing, administration, purchasing, sales, and logistics.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
(Left to right)

Christoph Gümbel:

Former Head of “Virtual Vehicle” at Porsche Engineering

Christoph Erni:

Founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG

Thomas Köhler:

Keynote speaker, author, and expert for cybersecurity

and new technologies

Lars Thomsen:

Futurologist and EV expert

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